Retail & High Value


Retail is a truly global industry.  Materials, assembly and sales often span multiple continents, which can create complicated logistical challenges. Due to this, retailers require a partner who can do more than move boxes. They need a partner who can manage their supply chain from manufacturer to store.

Fortunately, Compass Forwarding has the experience and the infrastructure to bring the process together seamlessly. This enables our clients to focus on the other important aspects of their business and rest assured that the transportation logistics are handled.

Our retail services include:

  • Warehousing with secure, temperature controlled environments
  • Pick and Pack and Consolidation
  • Repackaging and quality control examination
  • Local and overseas distribution
  • Bespoke Inventory Control system with web-based user interface


In addition to our standard retail service, Compass boasts the most comprehensive solution for high-value items such as jewelry, gems and precious metals.

High-Value Services Include:

  • On-premise secure inventory examination.
  • Re-packaging in secure tri-walled impenetrable plastic containers (designed by and made exclusively for Compass Forwarding) locked with uniquely numbered seals.
  • Segregation and pick and pack under lock and key and alarmed security
  • Secure escort turnovers to airlines with transportation security
  • Specialized AAA insurance rates

With a completely controlled process, Compass not only has a 0% incident record (over a 35-year period) but also provides extra services that reduce our client’s costs up to 50%.