Let’s face it, shipping a container of fresh fish or ripening vegetables, or even machinery used in the preparation of food, cannot be treated like any another shipment. Demands for globalized product sourcing have made logistics one of the central challenges to the food service industry.

We understand that this industry requires on-time delivery solutions, variable product temperatures, and thorough quality control from origin to destination. Our personalized logistics solutions have helped customers seamlessly source perishable goods around the world.

Fresh and Fast

When it comes to perishable commodities like fish and produce, making sure the product arrives fresh is paramount.  For that reason, Compass employs the best import staff in the industry to help navigate Customs and FDA procedures expeditiously.

Our food and perishables services include:

International air, land and ocean freight solutions for:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Foodstuffs
  • Seafood
  • Temperature-control shipping units
  • Facilities for frozen and chilled cargo
  • Express airfreight services worldwide