If you are dealing with full automobiles, auto parts or just accessories, Compass Forwarding is your single logistics source. We handle both outbound and inbound automotive logistics. Outbound logistics include moving your materials worldwide while inbound logistics help local distributors maintain their stock.

Our automotive logistics services include:

Outbound Logistics

  • Consolidation
  • Inventory Control through our Compass Nexus Portal
  • Multi-modal distribution

Inbound Logistics

  • Segregation of Consolidated Cargo
  • Multi-modal distribution to supply centers
  • Flexible coordination to quickly respond to urgent orders
  • Reduced customs clearance lead time

In addition, Compass Forwarding has the ability and know-how to re-package spare parts as well as load automobiles ensuring incident free transport.  We work alongside factories and distribution centers so we can recommend the best service to move between air and sea options to meet time requirements with the most cost-effective option available.