August 30, 2021

Hurricane Ida struck the state of Louisiana Sunday as a category 4 storm, causing severe weather through the Southeast US as the storm moves inland as a tropical storm. The storm is considered one of the worst in the region’s history, and is having numerous effects on logistics operations both in the Southeast and nationally.

  • Infrastructure Outages: Significant power and cellular network outages in the effected area – specifically New Orleans, where there is reportedly a complete loss of electrical power city-wide. Some areas of the state are completely flooded with unpassable roads. Any logistics operations in Louisiana should be considered disrupted at this time.
  • Port Operations: Terminals have closed today at the Ports of New Orleans and Mobile
  • Airport Operations: 90% of departures and 95% of arrivals to New Orleans International Airport have been cancelled today according to FlightAware. Cancellations and delays are also affecting operations at Houston Bush Intercontinental Airport
  • National Impact: An already stressed trucking market in the US will be further strained by demand for trucking equipment to assist with emergency services, recovery, and relief operations. The availability and price of fuel elsewhere in the US are also likely to be affected by

the storm.

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Image from U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Hurricane Center