Compass Nexus

In logistics, control is everything. Compass Forwarding is well aware of the stress that can result from a lack of information. That is why we created an online tracking and tracing program that ensures total transparency within the logistics process.

While tracking and tracing are commonplace in logistics, Compass Forwarding took the concept of information one-step further.  Our web-based system, Compass Nexus, not only allows immediate tracking of shipments, but also includes

easy access to all documentation associated with any the transportation.  We believe that not time zones, local holidays or weekends should prevent our clients from accessing to-the-minute information about their shipments.

Upon booking with Compass Forwarding, our clients are provided with a unique Compass Nexus user ID and password that provides access to their personal security-encrypted page directly through the Compass Forwarding website.  Then their personal Compass Nexus page will be created. Clients can update their profiles with whatever information and documentation they require to keep their shipments organized.

To set up your Compass Nexus profile and obtain your unique Compass Nexus ID, please contact your dedicated client representative.